A set of adventurers hired by the Arcana as an escort soon find that the job has much more at stake than finding a set of ancient ruins. Soon they find themselves standing against a growing tide of darkness as an ancient evil seeks to be unleashed upon the world once more. Together they stand against the darkness, bringing with them the light of the dawn. Will they succeed and save the world? Or will they fail and the Fallen One returns?

Our Heroes:

ArendirHalf-Elf Ranger – Sharp wit, sharpshooter with a fondness for alcohol.
The ProfessorHigh Elf Wizard – Powerful magic and towering intellect to match
ConorHuman Fighter – Survivor. Warrior. Unstoppable force and immovable object.
TalmarHalf-Elf Paladin – Young. Naive, but gentle touch and unshakable conviction.
CorinHalf-Elf Cleric – Bringer of light with a dark past but so kind and fatherly
RyaelWood Elf Bard – Sweet words, sly smile, bard-ass of the College of the White Duke
KeladenDwarf Barbarian – Cunning and powerful as the wolf with a penchant for weapons.

The Fallen Returns

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