Archmage Fioriel

Archmage of the Arcana


Fioriel stands at 5 feet 5 inches, slender build with a gentle rounded face. Her hair is silver in color, lending to her nickname of the Silver Lady. Her eyes are a piercing blue though not unkind, but sharp, taking in everything around her. Soft spoken, she never raises her voice even in the midst of conflict. She tends to wear blues (both dark and light) with silver accents.


Archmage Fioriel sits on the council of the Arcana, holding her seat for the last century or so. A soft spoken but powerful mage she is known for her compassion and her willingness to stand firm to her ideals. However her door is always open to those that need it. She is also the Archmage that handles outside contracts with adventurers when needed. It was rumored, until his death, that Ghent and Fioriel were a couple. She stands in direct opposition to Archmage Cirall, one of the newer Archmages, and has currently found herself standing in a deadlock over the appointment of the next Scribe for the Council.

Archmage Fioriel

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