The Fallen Returns

Now Let Our Story Begin...

Session 1

Eidolen, The Capital

A group of adventurers is called to the Arcana, the premier magical institute, with the offer of a job. Arendir, the half-elf ranger. Talmar, the half-elf paladin of Bahamut. Corin, the half-elf cleric of Pelor, and Grave, the mysterious gunslinger. They find themselves in the office of one Archmage Fioriel, one of the handful of archmages that run the Arcana. Their reputation proceeds them as capable adventurers who are also low key enough to get the job done.

Fioriel lays the job about before them. An ancient ruin has been found, one the Arcana would like to excavate without drawing the attention of treasure hunters. They will accompany some of the Arcana’s mages to help keep them safe. With the promise of rewards, the group accepts and is told to meet the leader of the expedition down below.

The party meets Archmage Ghent, a rather friendly wizard. After getting their supplies together, the party heads off into the wilds to find the ruin. On the ride over, Ghent shares the best of his supplies with the group, offering hilarious tales and his finest alcohol. The revelry quickly turns to work as they arrive at the site.

They find the entrance to the ruins and come across a sealed door. The magic strong, Ghent assures them that he’ll find a way to open it. The party returns to camp and sets up watch for the night. Unfortunately the night does not go quietly and the group is distracted long enough for the rest of the camp to go missing.

The cleric and the paladin, feeling evil is coming from the ruins, rush to find the door has been open. Cautiously the party enters the ruin, going deeper in until they find what they were looking for. The bodies of the mages in a pile, Ghent fighting for his life against a mysterious demoness. Ghent is thrown down and the party goes to attack the demon, who names herself Demoriel. She laughs and disappears, speaking about how she will revive the Fallen One, but not before leaving behind some of her minions.

The threat defeated, the group find a dying Ghent, who opens a portal to the Arcana’s secret pocket dimension. He hid an artifact in there, one Demoriel wants, and they need to take it to Fiorel and asks to tell her that he’s sorry. The party leaps through, the portal closing upon Ghent’s death. The group now finds themselves in a strange place, now wondering what to do next…



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