The Empire of Tocknell

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Economy: Magic, magic items, tech
Education: mandatory – high
Government: absolute monarchy/empire
Military: Front line soldiers/knights, mages in back. Professional year round.
Society: magic 25% prevalence, 65% farmers, 30% craftsmen, merchants and middle class, 5% aristocracy.
Judicial: local magistrates, trial by peers
Foreign Relations:
Warm: Shar, Ailanura, Pesifon
Cold: Vianoth, Dukasys, Talren
Resources: magic stones and metals, gold, silver, platinum, gems
Religion: State religion but tolerant of others
Flag: Circle of (5) 5 pointed stars in gold on a field of blue, a 7 pointed star in the middle
Magic: Natural and accepted
Climate: mild summer, cold winter, cool spring
Notes: Emperor/ress can disinherit heir, formerly comprised of 3 separate kingdoms now one empire, been that way for several hundred years. One of the major powers on the continent.
Major Cities:
Eidolen – Capital- huge imperial palace at the heart of the city, the Arcana is located here, lots of winding roads, mostly blues and golds of the imperial colors. Sits on a lake and river system near the mountains.

Queenscross – Second biggests city, middle of the Empire, former capital of Duine, the kingdom that was taken into Tocknell. Major business city as it sits in the heart of the empire.

Ocklin: Costal city, biggest port and thus serves as the imperial port as well.

Valen: Last major city before Shar and thus major trading hub.

The Empire of Tocknell

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