The Timeline of Caskana

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Immediately After – The Fallen One is sealed in Vianoth

1000 years of pre-Cataclysm rebuilding, calendar restarts after Fall of the Glorious Empire – Era of the New Dawn

Pre-250 ND – Kingdoms of Tocknell, Duine, Ocklin, Shar, Pesifon, Talren, Shaolune and Ailanura form
290 ND – Arcana formed in Kingdom of Tocknell
315 ND – Talren wars with Tocknell over borders
348 ND – War of the Prophecy
357 ND – War of the Lich Queen
361 ND – Arcana begins The Purge
401 ND – Forging of the Hallowed Vale
442 ND – Dukasys forms into a duchy
479 ND – Vane is created
500 ND – The Return of the Glorious One
537 ND – The Priory of the Arcana is formed.
563 ND – The Book of Il’Fariel is written
645 ND – Talren begins war of conquest vs Ailanura, Hundred Years War
662 ND – The Terrorizing of Caskana by Dragon Khaleri
718 ND – Duine begins War of Succession vs Ocklin
726 ND – Duine wins War of Succession, Ocklin ceases to be independent
730 ND – War of Conquest Tocknell vs Shaolune
743 ND – Talren breaks off War of Conquest as the Kingslayer War begins
782 ND – Duine declares war on Shar
806 ND – Tocknell Succession Crisis
825ND – University of Shar formed
870 ND – Tocknell and Duine united by marriage, becomes Empire of Tocknell
939 ND – Tocknell and Talren at war, War of the Gate
988 ND – War of Independence as Duine seeks to break from Tocknell
1001ND – Talren War of Conquest vs Ailanura
1034 ND – Talren Civil War
1082 ND – Attempted Coup of the throne of Shar
1107 ND – The Isle of Fianna disappears
1125 ND – Current Year

The Timeline of Caskana

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